Dick and Sandy

Chile - 2017

Welcome to our website. You have come to the right place for pictures about our childhoods, our children, relatives, friends, where we live, and our travels. The Dick and Sandy links give access to pictures of us as individuals, as well as other people in our lives.

You can also see where we live in New Hampshire and North Carolina, as well as what those environs have to offer.

We have included in Happenings, events that occurred in the past couple of years and are important to us. The pretty scene from the right comes from our recent trip to Alaska. Trips we have taken in the recent past can also be accessed via Recent Events. The Our Trips link lets you accompany us virtually on any of the trips we have taken.

Christmas Letters not only describe our happenings, they also provide links to many of the events.

heron with turtles

We are amateur photographers and collecting photos is one of our hobbies. A near obsession of Dick is bird photography. Many of these photos have been made available for use by the general public and can be found via his Wikimedia profile. Sandy also takes bird photos and some of hers can be found via her Wikimedia Profile.

Favorite People and Scene pictures have been collected during our travels.

Dick also maintains a website for the Andover High School Class of 1960.

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