Rick, Michelle, Ricky, Randy, Dick and Sandy spent 3 days in the vicintiy of Assateague Island in Virginia during spring vacation.

1, 2, 3) We rented this house from the owners of Pine Grove Bird Sanctuary. This was close to the southern approach for Assateague Island.

It came with canoes and was on a waterway that lead to the ocean (not that we paddled that far).

Michelle openning a present. The boys enjoyed the upstairs TV room.

Pine Grove Bird Sanctuary had lots more than birds. It was a small private zoo!
6) Wild deer

The last day we left Pine Grove Bird Sanctuary, followed roads along the coast, and then explored the northern end of Assateague Island.

We saw wild ponies that were made famous in the book Misty of Chincoteague. The ponies still swim once a year from the Island to Chincoteague where they are auctioned to benefit the fire department.

Assateague Lighthouse.