NEPAL 2010

While in Kathmandu we stayed in the Boudha section at the monastary's Shechen Guest House.

Scenes along the way from the monastary to the Stupa.

We walked around the Boudha Stupa many times, always in the clockwise direction as instructed!

Shop Scenes

These wires help illustrate the precarious nature of the electric infrastructure.

Holi happens once a year and it was our good fortune to be there. Anyone is fair game for water ballons, but tourists are usually spared paint filled ballons.

Nagi Gompa Nummery
8, 9) Heather's cave where she spent a week meditating.

The old city of Patan, near Kathmandu, has wonderful old architecture.

Heather previously took these pictures in a Patan museum - it was closed when we were there.

We walked from the historial section of Patan to the Golden Temple.

The Golden Temple

The Summit Hotel in Patan

Godavari Resort Hotel

We took a taxi to a nature preserve that was near the hotel. And of course Heather found a Buddhist site close by.
We saw the Golden Buddha in the distance as we walked the 2 miles back to our hotel.

Modes of transportation plus a sample of local sign.

Miscellaneous nature photos.