Dick and Sandy's World

ROME 2002

This page shows many of the places we visited while in Rome. The menu above gives access to sites where we took more photos than comfortabley fits on one page.

We stayed at the Domus Pacis which was a nice place, but a long bus ride from the center of Rome.

Largo di Argentina. Lots of cats here - fed by locals and tourists.
The daily market at Campo de'Fiori has lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

The Piazza Navona is spacious and relaxing. It is a nice place to sit and watch the other tourists or the locals. In additon to an ornate fountain in piazza, there were lots of vendor stalls along the edges.

Pantheon. The hole in the ceiling was to provide ventilation and let smoke out.
Hydrant at fountain

Bernini's in Piazza della Minerva
Flower pedlar with an attitude.
Victor Emmanuel monument. Not permitted to sit on steps!

Bell Tower of Santa Francesca Romana at R. Forum
Hadrian's Mausoleum
Wall around Vatican

 The Piazza di Spagna (photo 1) is popular for tourists, with the focal point being the Spanish Steps (photo 2). The church shown at the top of the steps is called Trinita dei Monti. Photo 3 shows the view from the Spanish Steps

Trevi Fountain was made famous by the song "Three Coins in a Fountain". There are spectator seats so you can sit and enjoy the fountain. We had a pizza at an outdoor cafe close to Trevi.

We took a bus tour to Pompeii via bus. The weather started out nice, but by the time we made it to Naples, it was rainning. The tour guide told us about various sights in Naples, but walking around in the rain would have been a better way to see Naples.

On the way back to Rome from Pompeii we made a brief stop in Sorrento so people could satisfy their souvenir desires.