Dick and Sandy's World



This was a TOHG bike and barge trip.

The biking started and ended in Amsterdam.

We then biked north.

Our first stop was Zaanse Schans which is Holland's version of a miniature Williamsburg.

We stopped for drinks in De Rijp. The first photo illustrates how flat the terrain was on most of our trip. The last photo illustrates how most towns had some canals.

Biking day 2 - one group went on a longer bike ride northwest to the North Sea and Hargen aan Zee. Another group rode the barge and had a shorter bike ride.

At the end of day 2, we barged to the island of Texel and biked around there on day 3.

Bike day 4 was windy. Dick, Sandy and others rode the barge all the way to the east coast town of Enkhuizen which was one of our favorites.

From Enkhuizen, we followed the coast in a southwest direction to Hoorn - yet another great town.

Another short bike ride towards the south brought us to Edam which is famous for its cheese

Volendam - the last town  we biked to. From here we barged to Amsterdam.

Thanks to Carole Blackwell
The TOHG trip ended now, but not all of us boarded the bus.
We went to Hoeck of Holland and left for London.