Dick and Sandy's World

Great Great Grandparent of Dick

Rosalie Pennington

Great Great Grandparents of Dick

Charles Hagerman (1825 -)
     Son of John Hagerman and
     Dorcas Tapley

Abby Jane Stillwell  (1827 -)
     Daughter of Richard Stillwell and
     Mehitable Moore  

Great Grandparents of Dick

Mary Morgan Judge
    Daughter of Rosalie Pennington

Great Grandparents of Dick

William Allen Ward (1848 - 1930)
    Daughter of Rosalie Pennington

Letitia Albertha Hagerman (1854-1938)

Grandparents of Dick

Frank Elbridge Ward (1882-1969)
     Son of William Ward and
     Letitia Haggerman

Rosie Morgan (1880-1943)
    Daughter of James Morgan and
    Jennie Ross

Parents of Dick

Almon Meikle Daniels (1910-1992)
     Son of William Daniels and
     Mary Meikle

Eleanor Ethel Ward (1913-2004)
    Daughter of Frank Ward and
    Rosie Morgan

Some more pictures of Dick's great grandparents William and Letitia Ward