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Joe, Alice  Almon, Eleanor  Leo, Mary   Everrett Daniels

Rose Ward was born 1907 and died 1929.

Alice Ward was born May 25, 1910 and died April 19, 1998. She married Joseph Mogan who was born February 18, 1911 and died February 1, 1993. Their children were Margerie Ann Burke and Rosie Angell

Eleanor Ethel Ward was born February 5, 1913 and died February 5, 2004. She married Almon M. Daniels who was born February 2, 1910 and died August 22, 1992. Their children were David A. Daniels and Richard W. Daniels.

Mary Letitia Ward was born December 12, 1915. She married Leo Shiebler who was born May 31, 1915 and died March 21, 1997. Their children were Donna Williams and Charles Shielber.