Dick and Sandy's World

Rehearsal - October 12, 2006
Wedding - October 13, 2006 Ventana Inn, Big Sur

The Rehearsal

Cindy and Chris

Curt and Michael
Cindy and Deb
Nancy, Andrew, Alan
Chris and Sandy
Ventana Inn Wedding Rep

Cindy and Deb
Cindy and Nancy

Rehearsal Dinner - Post Ranch Inn

Rehearsal Dinner
Helen Chris Cindy

Court Judy Helen Chris Cindy
Mike Curt Tom Deb Court
Nancy and Andrew

Limo to the Wedding

Heather Dick Dave Sandy
Matt Linda Heather
Just before ceremony

At the Wedding Site

Heather and Matt
Linda Dave
Dave Dick

Dick Sandy
Michelle Randy Rick Ricky
Flower walkway and arch

Guitar Player
Bozena and Helen

Rick Bob Martha Jay
Kathy Jay Heather Matt
Rick Michelle
Kathy Jay Heather

Wedding Ceremony

walking down the aisle
Carol Fitzgerald and
Nicola family candle
Nancy Deb
walking down the aisle

Cindy arriving at wedding
Carol Fitzgeral and flower arbor

Examining the ring after wedding
Scott and Nancy
Limo to reception

Formal Wedding Pictures

Touch-up for pictures
The Wedding Party
Andrew Helen Cindy Chris Bozena Alan

Cindy Chris Helen
Alan Cindy Chris Bozena
Brother and Sister
Cindy and Helen

The Wedding Reception

Cindy and Chris
Table at reception

Daniels et. al
Head Table - Nancy Cindy
Head Table

Chris and Anthony
Helen  Bozena Alan
Rick Chris Cindy Michelle

First Dance
Thanks to Curt and Mike
Non traditional wedding cake

Sandy made this Bride's pillow for Cindy