NEPAL 2010

1) Heather's friend from Sweden, Alfraeda, joined us as we were headed to the mountains.
3) The streets in Nepal tended to be quite dirty. Trash, including plastic, often burned on the sides of the roads.

The taxi broke down once near the brick factory, and later in the mountians. The driver Wang Chuk was able to adjust the distibutor.

The trip to the mountains was almost 5 hours, but well worth it. Here we found the Nepal we had imagined.

3) Mt Everest is the 2nd peak from the left.

1) Our driver Wang Chuk helped make this trip to the mountains possilbe. He was great.
2) Some of the staff at our "resort".

We went for a hike to Chu Mik Changchunk, Hindu/Buddhist holy site. This was special to Heather as she had spent time meditating there. The holiness of the site was due to water that emanated from the mountain side. While the setting was lovely, the trash was appalling to a Westerner with an environmental ethic.

The next morning, Dick and Sandy walked up the road and came across small village that was very quaint. And the people were friendly per usual.

Scenes as we traveled back towards Kathmandu.

The Central Zoo is near Kathmandu. It is Nepal's only zoo. Although some animals had little space, such as the cats, we were impressed at the cleanliness of the zoo. They seemed to have a mission to educate the people about disposing trash properly.

The Monkey Temple (i.e., lots of free range monkeys). It was an extremely clear day for the area so we had great views of Kathmandu.

The clear weather continued as we started our journey home. We had great views of the Himalayan mountains