Dick and Sandy's World
North Carolina



5150 Project Rd, Ash NC 28420

Our North Carolina house is located in Ash which is half way between Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach SC. As this map shows, it is close to the ocean. Four beaches are within 35 minutes: North Mytle Beach, Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, and Holden Beach. Sunset Beach (not shown on the map, but between North Myrtle and Ocean Isle) is our favorite and only 25 minutes away.

The house was built in 1938. On the left of the house is a nursery of about 100 acres. It is surrounded by tall trees - one live oak is close to 5 feet in diameter and towers over the house.

2006, 2007

1) Spring 2007   2) Fall 2008

Also on our lot is a mimosa tree and a magnolia - plus four pecan trees (not shown below). Sandy loves to gather pecans which are her favorite nuts.


The interior of the house is shown below.

living room

computer room


master bedroom
bathroom hall
front door

The back porch has a pretty door with side panels of glass on either side. Sandy used beach glass to make "sea scenes" on the side panels. Click on the "sea scenes" to get the larger image, then click again to enlarge even more.
1) Left panel   2) Door  3) Right panel          4) Left panel shown in 2 sections        5) Right panel shown in 1 sections

2013 Ice Storm