Dick and Sandy's World

Great Great Grandparents of Dick 
Alexander Meikle (1812 - 1862) was the son of James Alexander Meikle and Mary Trumwell.
Jessie Ross (1815-1885) - I don't know her parents.

Great Grandparents of Dick 
Noah Daniels (1814-1893) was the son of Noah Daniels and Abigail Allen.
Nancy Isabel Hawes (1834 )- I don't know her parents.

Picture notes: (1) 1870 Noah Daniels Home Millis MA; (2) 1880; (3) 1904

Great Grandparents of Dick 
James Albert Meikle (1845 -1928) was the son of Alexander Meikle and and Jessie Ross Meikle.
Jessie Ross (1847-1928) was born of Donald Ross and Catherine Frazer Ross.

Picture notes: (1) 1885; (2) 1886; (3) 1908; (4)1921

Grandparents of Dick 
William Percy Daniels (1874-1950) was the son of Noah Daniels and Nancy Hawes.
Mary Hannah Meikle (1879-1963) was the daughter of James Meikle and Jenniey Ross,

Picture notes: (1) 1886; (2) 1886; (3) 1905; (4)1943

Parents of Dick 
Almon Meikle Daniels (1910-1992) was the Son of William Daniels and Meikle.
Eleanor Ethel Ward (1913-2004) was the daughter of Frank Ward and Rosie Morgan.

Picture notes: (1) 1931; (2) 1931; (3) 1935; (4)1988

Some more pictures pertaining to my great grandparents James Albert Meikle and Jessie Ross Meikle.

Picture notes: (1 & 2) 1910 Their farm at Meiklesfield NS. Reverse side of Postcard. (3) Blue Mtn Nova Scotia

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