Dick and Sandy's World
New Hampshire 


Before the field, this area was a small esker. The gravel was removed, and as a trade Erratic Trail was created. Trail is a misnomer since the road is first class, having a sifted gravel surface. However, Erratic Traill sounds nicer than Erratic Road.

From its creation as a field in 1993 until 2000, this was called the Agility Field and was utilized by Julie for her dog agility training camps. Now the field has retired and enjoys its peace and quiet. In the springtime, it has lots of wild flowers, which are encouraged to propagated by postponing mowing.

Trees I planted, esker used to go to top of hill
Erratic Trail and
field on the right

These trees were planted after the small esker was removed

Agility shed, 1999
Views of the field
Agility Shed, since moved to Julie's property

wild flowers 2002
Spring wild flowers