BIRDS at Aviaries

The birds on this page were photographed at aviaries. The specific aviary is indicated as follows:

Bird of Eden (BOE)
A unique two hectare (5 acre) net encloses native habitat where the birds can freely roam. A must see if you are in the area.

Eagle Encounters  (EE)
This is the largest raptor rehabilation and education center in South Africa. Some of the birds were actually "flown" during a demonstarion - they were released with no constraints!

World of Birds  (WOB)
Located near Cape Town and accessible via the City Tours buses.  Has 400 species of birds, many of which are in walk-in enclosures.

1) Aracari, Green (BOE)   2) Bishop, Black (BOE)   3) Budgie (BOE) 4) Bulbul, Cape (BOE)

1) Caracara, Mountain   (WOB)    2) Cockatoo, Sulpher-crested (BOE)   3) Coot, Knobbed (WOB)    4) Conure, Jandaya (BOE)

1) Conure, Red-masked (BOE)  2) Conure, Sun (BOE)   3) Conure, Wagler's   4) Cormorant, Reed

1) Crane, Blue (BOE)   2) Crane, Crowned (BOE)   3) Crow, Pied (WOB)   4) Dikkop, Spotted (BOE)

1) Dikkop, Water (WOB)   2) Dove, Barbary (WOB)    3) Dove, Cinnamon (BOE)   4) Duck, African Black (WOB)

1) Duck, Ferruginous White-eye   2) Duck, Fulvous Whistling   3) Duck, Maned   4) Duck, White-faced Whistling

1) Eagle, Black (EE)    2) Eagle, Martial (EE)     3) Eagle, Martial (WOB) )    4) Eagle, Steppe (WOB)

1) Falcon, Lanner (EE)   2) Falcon, Peregrine  (EE)    3)  Flamingo, Greater (BOE)   4) Francolin, Natal (WOB)  

1) Gallinule, Purple (WOB)   2) Goose, Barnacle 3) Goose, Chinese    4) Goshawk (EE)

1) Hawk, African Harrier- (WOB)  2) Hornbill, Black-casqued (WOB)   3) Hornbill, Piping (WOB)    4) Hornbill, Red-billed (BOE)

1) Hornbill, Silvery-checked (WOB)  2) Hornbill, Southern Ground (WOB)   3) Hornbill, Southern Yellow-billed (BOE)   4) Hornbill, Trumpeter (WOB)

1) Ibis, Sacred (WOB)    2) Kestrel, Rock (EE)   3) Ibis, Scarlet (BOE)   4) 1) Kite, Black-shouldered (EE) 

1) Lorikeet, Green-naped (BOE)    2) Lory, Dusky (BOE)   3) Lourie, Grey (BOE)  4) Macaw, Blue-and-Yellow  (WOB)

1) Moorhen, Common  (BOE)   2) Mousebird, Speckled (BOE)  3) Owl, Barn (EE)    4) Owl, Bengal (WOB) 

1) Owl, Cape Eagle (WOB)   2) Owl, Spotted Eagle (EE)   3) Owl, Turkmenian Eagle (WOB)    4) Owl, Verreaux's Eagle (WOB)

 1) Parakeet, Indian Ringneck (BOE)    2) Parakeet, Monk (BOE)    3) Parrot, Eclectus (BOE)    4) Parrot, Greater Vasa (WOB)

1) Parrot, Ruppell's (BOE)    2) Parrot, Senegal (BOE)     Pelican, Pacific Brown (WOB)    4) Pheasant, Golden (BOE)

1) Pheasant, Swinhoe's (WOB)     2) Pigeon, Crested Sand (BOE)y    3) Pigeon, Nicobar (WOB)    4) Pionus, White-crowned Sandy (BOE)

1) Pochard, Rosy-billed (BOE)   2) Shelduck, Common (BOE)   3) Secretary Bird (WOB)   4) Shoveler, Cape (BOE)

1) Spoonbill, African (BOE)   2) Starling, Black-bellied Glossy (BOE)  3) Starling, Golden-breasted (BOE)    4) Starling, Purple Glossy (BOE)

1) Starling, Superb (BOE)    2) Swan, Mute (BOE)    3) Teal, Brazilian (BOE)     4) Teal, Marbled (BOE)

1) Teal, Ringed (BOE)   2) Thrush, Groundscraper Sandy (BOE)   3) Thrush, Olive (BOE)    4) Toucan, Channel-billed (WOB)

1) Turaco, Buffoni Green (BOE)   2) Turaco, Hartlaub's (WOB)   3) Turaco, Purple-crested (WOB)    4) Turaco, Violet (BOE)

1) Weaver, Cape (BOE)    2) Weaver, Lesser Masked (BOE)   3) Weaver, Buffalo (BOE)   4) Wood-rail, Giant (WOB)