BIRDS in the wild

These photos were taken by Dick Daniels and Sandy Cole during our September / October 2010 trip to South Africa. These birds, 126 species, were photographed in the wild. We also visitied some aviaries and those photos are available by clicking here.

Barbet, Black-collared;   Barbet, Crested;  Barbet, White-eared;  Bateleur, juvenile

Bee-eater, White-fronted;  Bishop, Southern Red; Bokmakierie;  Bulbul, Black-eyed

Bulbul, Cape;  Bulbul, Sombre;  Buzzard, Jackal;  Canary, Brimstone; 

Canary, Cape;  Canary, Streaky-headed;  Chat, Cape Robin-;  Chat, Karoo

Cisticola, Levaillant's;  Coot, Red-knobbed;  Cormorant Cape;  Cormorant, Great

Cormorant, Reed;  Crane, Blue;  Crow, Cape;  Crow, Pied

Dikkop, Water;  Dove, Cape Turtle;  Dove, Laughing;  Dove, Red-eyed

Dove, Speckled;  Drongo, Fork-tailed;  Drongo, Southern Black;  Duck, White-faced

Duck, Yellow-billed;  Eagle, African Fish ;  Eagle, Tawny;  Egret, Great

Egret, Little;  Flycatcher, Fiscal;  Francolin, Crested;  Francolin, Natal

Go-Away_Bird, Grey;  Goose, Egyptian;  Goose, Spur-winged;  Guineafowl, Helmeted

Gull, Cape; Gull, Hartlaub;  Heron, Black-headed;  Heron, Goliath

Heron, Grey;  Heron, Purple; Hoopoe, African;  Hornbill, Red-billed

Hornbill, Southern Yellow-billed; Ibis, Hadaha;  Ibis, Sacred;  Jacana, African

Kestrel, Rock;  Kingfisher, Brown-hooded;  Kingfisher, Giant;  Kingfisher, Pied

Korhaan, Karoo;  Lapwing, Crowned;  Lark, Thick-billed;  Longclaw, Yellow-throated

Martin, Brown-throated;  Martin, House;  Mousebird, Speckled;  Myna, Common

Ostrich, Common;  Oxpecker, Red-billed;  Oystercatcher, African;  Parrot, Brown-headed

Pelican, Great White;  Penguin, African;  Pigeon, Green; Pipit, Long-billed

Plover, Black-bellied;  Plover, Blacksmith;  Puffback, Black-backed;  Robin, Cape

Robin, White-browed Scrub-;  Roller, Lilac-breasted;  Ruff; Sandpiper, Marsh

Shrike, Fiscal;  Shrike, Longtailed;  Sparrow, Cape;  Sparrow, House

Spoonbill, African;  Starling, Cape Glossy;  Starling, European;  Starling, Greater Blue-eared Glossy

Starling, Pied;  Starling, Red-winged;  Stilt, Black-winged;  Stonechat, African

Stork, White;  Stork
, Wooly-necked;  Sunbird, Black;  Sunbird, Greater Double-collared

Sunbird, Lesser Double-collared;  Sunbird, Malachite;  Sunbird, Scarlet-chested;  Swallow, Lesser Striped

Teal, Red-billed;  Tern, Swift;  Tern, White-winged;  Thrush, Karoo

Thrush, Kurrichane; Thrush, Olive;  Vulture, African White-backed;  Wagtail, African Pied

Wagtail, Cape;  Waxbill, Blue;  Waxbill, Common;  Weaver, Cape

Weaver, Golden;  Weaver, Lesser Masked;  Weaver, Red-headed;  Weaver, Southern Masked

Weaver, Thickbilled;  Wheatear, Capped ;  Whimbrel, Common;  White-eye, African

White-eye, Cape;  Widow, Yellow-rumped  Sugarbird, Cape