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This was a one week trip to visit Heather. When I arrived in Bangkok I received at 2 AM I received the warmest hug from Heather in my life. Right then it was a successful trip. We stayed mainly in Bangkok, which was teeming with people, and most were friendly. The US dollar was king, which made for fun shopping, as did the many street vendors.

The Sky Train
040 tuk-tuk.jpgTuk-tuk
World Trade Center was near our hotel
Street near hotel

Typical street
Democracy monument
We took a river tour on a long tail boat.

River tour
River tour
River tour

The next 12 photos were taken at the Grand Palace. Extremely impressive, but atypical and a little too much. Photo 12 shows lotus blossoms, offerings left to Budha and in remembrance of ancestors.

Every weekend there is a kite flying festival in this Bangkok park.
Chatuchak weekend market
River taxi

Golden mount - impressive Wat on a steep hill.
Standing Buddha is huge

We took a bus to Pataya and then hired a boat to got to an island with a nice beach.

A small Wat
Wat Traimit