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Brief History of France      Travel Tips

I have been to Paris three times - it is my favorite city in the world.

My first trip, November 11 - 14, 2001, was an Elderhostel trip. They gave us lectures in the mornings; then he rest of the day was usually free time. In the afternoons we were on our own to travel to what had just been described to us. It was a fantastic time. It was even enhanced by the fact that September 11 was still a raw and recent memory. The French were so friendly and sympathetic then. Too bad we we squandered that affection..

My second trip to Paris was March 12 -16, 2004. This time I concentrated on places that had especially appealed to me before, such as the Musée d'Orsay and the Louvre. And I added places I had missed the first time such as the Musée Picasso.

The most recent trip was May 14 - 23, 2004. I led this trip for the Top of the Hill Gang. The focus of the trip was Bike & Barge in A Provenace, but we had a day to enjoy Paris at the end of the trip.