Dick and Sandy's World
North Carolina



The North Carolina Museum of Art is in Raleigh. In addtion to paintings etc. inside, it has 100 acre walking park and sculpture field outside.


The North Carolina Muesum of Natural History is good for a couple of hours browsing. Below are whale skeletons.


In Pullen Park, there is a Dentzel Carousel. According to the National Carousel Association Census, this is one of 23 remaining historic Dentzel carousels and one of 14 Dentzel still operating in Northern America. The carousel is 50 feet in diameter, with an 18-section platform. 52 animals and two chariots make up the carousel of which 16 are stationary and 36 animals are galloping. The inside rim of the machine is comprised of 18 large gilded mirrors and 18 canvas panels. The outside rim, 18 large panels depicting animal portraits alternate with smaller panel paintings of landscape scenes. Music is provided by the Wurlitzer 125 Military Band Organ. The band organ dates back from 1900 to 1924.