Dick and Sandy's World
New Hampshire 

Our Home in Sandwich, NH
House Construction

During the warmer months of the year, Dick Daniels and Sandy Cole are located at 479 Chase Rd., Sandwich, NH. The house is located on 60 acres which contains a pond, field, esker, lots of woods, and miles of trails/roads. The house was built in 1999/2000. There is a stone wall in front of the house and also to the east of the driveway. These walls were created from rocks that were encountered during the building process. A sunroom projects behind the house, standing on "stilts" over a patio.
Dick and Sandy's house Our stone steps and walk

A stone walkway leads to the front steps. Dick and Sandy gathered the rocks and also constructed the walkway and steps. Behind the house there is a rock garden. The rock structure was created by Dick with his backhoe as a means to slope the yard away from the foundation. Sandy has turned the rock structure into a beautiful garden.

The main floor of the house is comprised of the sunroom, a great room that serves as the dining and living rooms, the kitchen, and a den (not shown below). The cherry kitchen cabinets were created by Chris Conrod as was the entertainment center in the living room.
Sun Room Dining Room & Living Room Kitchen

The top floor has three bedrooms: the master bedroom includes a study area (not shown), Heather's room that sometimes also serves as a large guest room, and a smaller guest room.

The basement / bottom floor has a finished area that is used as the "care takers" quarters (not shown). The unfinshed area has lots of storage for fire wood, plus a wood stove that is our main heating source. Also there is a conventional forced hot water heating system that was designed to be the primary heat source, but we treat it as our backup system for when no one is home to feed the woodstove.

Shown below are some nice artistic decorative features that Sandy has added to the house. Most amazing is a bathroom window that she created out of beach glass. The living room light was not a Sandy creation, but is a good example of the goodies she often brings home from yardsales.